Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt is a mini-golf course in Disney Universe Fantasy Kingdom.


The mini golf course is castle-themed with a portcullises and turrets on the outer walls. The entrance is through a large replica tree stump. The game is extra charge and is not included with park admission. It has 16 themed holes.

Old West 

Player hit the ball past a collection of mini-skulls, some cacti, and a model train before landing in the hole.

Pirate Ship

Players hit it up a ramp into a mini-pirate ship and lands in the hole. The pirate ship has fake cannons that blast out bursts of mist accompanied by cannonball-sound effects every few seconds.


Players hit it down a tunnel. The ball disappears underground for a few seconds before appearing coming out of the mine and landing in the hole.

Dutch Windmill

Players hit the ball up a ramp into a mini-windmill door and come out the back for it to land in the hole.

Medieval Castle

Players hit the ball into the door of a mini-castle and lands in a hole on the other end.


Players hit it off a cliff down a 5-foot waterfall and into a hole.

Eiffel Tower

Players hit it in between the mini-tower's arches and into a hole.

Big Ben

Players hit their ball into a mini-Big Ben and it lands in a hole on the other end.


Player have to hit the ball into a hole located in the mouth of a dragon sculpture with it's mouth open and it's jaw lawing below the ball ramp.


Players hit it into a mini-house and it comes out the back and lands in the hole.

The Big Loop

Players hit is up a looping ramp and into the hole.

Town of Gravity Falls

Players hit it past a model of the Gravity Falls town and into the hole, which is near the town's lake.

Giant Thumbs-Up

Player simply hit the ball past a giant thumbs-up statue and into the hole.

Palm Tree

Players hit the ball up a ramp situated on top of a bent palm tree. The ball comes back down another ramp and lands in the hole.

Pot of Gold

Players hit the ball down a ramp circling around a small pot of fake gold before landing in the hole.


Players hit the ball up a large ramp into a 20-foot tall sculpture of a volcano. Once the ball is inside the volcano, real fire shoots from the top.

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