World Showcase Action!


2 Years after Angent Perry's World Showcase



Using Music From

Bruno Mars Psy Michale Jackson Owl City


Like Angent Perry's World Showcase


  • Jose Carioca (Mexico)
  • Elsa (Norway)
  • Miku (Japan)
  • Brer Rabbit (Canada)
  • Branden (Mexico)
  • Mickey (France)
  • Anna (United Kingdom)
  • Pigeon (Germany)


  • Bear
  • Barney
  • Evil Miku
  • BJ
  • Bot
  • Geo

Worlds And Info!

Mexico-The Baddie Here Is Barney!-You Are Paired With Jose Carioca And Branden!

Norway-The Baddie Here Is Bot!-You Are Paired With Elsa!

Japan-The Baddie Here Is Evil Miku!-You Are Paired With Miku

Canada-The Baddie Here Is Bear!-You are Paired With Brer Rabbit

France-The Baddie Here Is Geo!-You Are Paired With Mickey!

United Kingdom-The Baddie Here Is BJ!-You Are Paired With Anna!

Germany-The Baddie Here is aslo Barney!-You are Paired With The Pigeon

World's Villan's Defeats!

  • Mexcio-Barney-He Gets Filed By Branden Adams Into Jail.
  • Norway-Bot-He Falls To The Ground and Breaks And Gets Turned Off Forever.
  • Japan-Evil Miku-An Miku Fan Turns Evil Miku To An Bubble.
  • Candna-Bear-He Turns to Ice
  • France-Geo-He Fails And Gives Up
  • United Kingdom-BJ-He Turns Into Gold
  • Germany-Barney-He Gets Chased By Panchtio Holding A Hammer

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