the villains mix and mingle show was in Walt Disney world now in disney villains world


  • Maleficent
    • maleficent appears to welcome and the mix and mingle begined with the first song halloween is our favorite fright night maleficent also summoned queen of hearts, frollo, jafar, evil queen, cruella de vill, and hook.
  • Dr. facilier
    • dr faciler appears next with his song friends from the other side and song spooky villain halloween and summons lady tremaine, hades, govenor ratcliffe, shan yu, gaston, big bad wolf and yzma.
  • oogie boogie
    • oggie boogie appears along with lord hator and lord dominator to sing his song and im the bad guy. and the finale song from it's halloween and oogie summons 12 villains kingdom of darkness, ursula, scar, horned king, prince hans, mother gothel, madam mim, peg leg pete, madame medusa, clayton, yokai and chernabog.