Villains Manor is an attraction at Villian Kingdom in Escondido, California.


The exterior of the attraction looks like Phantom Manor. It is a beautiful, yet creepy, Victorian manor.

Character Replacements

  • Ghost Host - Maleficent
  • Bride - Evil Queen
  • Hatbox Ghost - Headless Horseman
  • Madame Leota - Ursula
  • Hitchhiking Ghosts - Scar's Hyenas
  • Singing Busts - Jafar, Ursula, Hook, Boogie Oogie, Red Queen, Jack, Cruella


You step into the stretching room, where you see portraits of Maleficent holding a rose, Captain Hook holding a sword, Jafar wearing glasses, and Lotso waving at the audience. The voice of Maleficent replaces the Ghost Host. The room stretches and reveals Maleficent is sitting on the grave of King Stefan, Capatain Hook is standing on a tightrope above the Croc from Peter Pan, Jafar has no pants on and standing on a barrel of dinamite, and Lotso is sitting on Big Baby who is knee deep in lava. The wall opens. You continue down a hall of portraits. The portraits show famous Disney villains. At the end of the hall, two busts watch you.


Next you go to your "doom-buggies (changed to look more like rollercoaster cars)" and start your journey. You first go down a hall full of doors and portraits of villains. You hear knocking, banging, and "creak"s from the doors. The portraits also make noises and say things. Next you see a coffin trying to be opened by a hand from within, an endless hallway that a candelabra floats down, a moving suit of armor, a piano being played by itself, and a grandfather clock that spins backwards and has 13 hours on it. Next, you enter a dome shaped room with Ursula at her crystal ball in the middle. Around the room are instruments floating and portraits of villains. You exit on to a balcony looking down on a ball room full of villains dancing, eating, and playing music. You go into a room full of chests, wedding things, and portraits. The portraits show the Evil Queen next to a different princess and king each portrait one being Snow White. Every few seconds, the king disappears, the princess doing the same. At the end of the room you see the Evil Queen with a poison apple in her hands. Next you go into a small room with the Headless Horesman in it. His head disappears every few seconds, and then reappears. Next, you go into the graveyard.