Halloween Horror Nights began the same year Universal Studios Queensland open. It begins from September to November.


Scarezones Mazes Shows
The Purge American Horror Story: Walkthrough Attraction Hollywood Harry's Carnage
Coven of the Damned The Walking Dead Pineapple Express: Halloween Mission
Midway of the Bizarre Scream Queens: Hellcoming
Souls of the Banshee Wolf Creek
All Nite Die-In Nightmare on Elm Street
The Walking Dead Dungeon of Terror
Ghost Town Channel Zero
Dead Harbor Universal House of Horrors
Five Nights at Freddy's


Scarezones Mazes Shows
Gypsy Gravegorunds Curse of the Gypsy
All Nite Die-In: Director's Cut The Dark Tales of Stephen King
The Purge: Anarchy American Horror Story: Walkthrough Attraction
Asylum in Wonderland Scary Tales: Unhappily Ever After
Dark Christmas The Walking Dead: End of the Line
Cirque Du Nightmare The Mummy
Mask-A-Raid Ouija: Origins of Evil
Channel Zero


Name: Hollywood Harry

Fictional backstory: Born on 1924, Harry Dorway also known as Kuzo the Clown had a popular TV show in Queensland. When Universal got the American rights he left Queensland, Australia to Hollywood, California to be part of Universal's American adaptation of his popular show. However when children began to be frightened of him, and his abusive behavior Universal cancelled his show, terminate his contract, and kicked him out. He had snuck into the studios for years that Universal had to increase security. He was found dead in the soundstage of his former show. However when Universal Studios Queensland open guest has been spotting a clown similar to Harry Dorway that it began to speculate all over the internet. Hollywood Harry now has taken over the studios, and he brought his friends along.

Personality: Scary, psychopathic, crazy, dark, short-tempered, funny, sadist, murderous

Likes: Night, scaring people, Halloween, hearing screams from guest, getting his way, TBA

Dislikes: Not getting his way, lose of his TV job (during his lifetime), hearing parents' negative receptions about him being too scary to kids (in his lifetime and formally?), TBA

Name: Mirela

Fictional Backstory: Mirela was born in 1482 Paris, France to group of Gypsies were she learn her powers till the traveling troupe was murder, and killed by those that outlawed Gypsies. With vengeance she murder those that killed her troupe with a curse that consume her soul. She secretly arrived in Australia to lure her unexpected guest to there demise.

Personality: Beautiful, but psychopathic, ghostly, TBA

Likes: TBA

Dislikes: TBA

Mirela's connection to the houses.

Curse of the Gypsy: Mirela's house that is now a terrifying grave for the spirits of the Gypsies that were killed, along with the people that murdered her people, and family.

The Dark Tales of Stephen King: In 1974 Mirela foresaw a future of a man name Adam Soren that wanted to be a successful author like his idol. She told him of a girl with telekinesis, A haunted hotel with a maniac, and a demon hiding in the sewers. The man was driven to the point of insanity of the three that Mirela foretold that he try to commit suicide but failed only to be put in a mental asylum.

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