• Mickey Mouse's Wave Pool
  • Goofy's Wacky Pool
  • Donald Duck's Aquaduck
  • Minnie Mouse's Spinning Splash
  • Pluto's Surfing School
  • Crush "N" Gusher (Banana Blaster, Coconut Crusher, and Pineapple Plunger)
  • Humunga Kowabunga
  • Storm Slides
  • Gang Plank Falls
  • Mayday Falls
  • Keelhaul Falls
  • Forgotten Grotto
  • Overlook Pass
  • Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool
  • Bay Slides
  • Blustery Bay
  • Whitecap Cove
  • Learn How to Surf
  • Shark Reef
  • Castaway Creek
  • Ketchakiddee Creek
  • The Trident of King Triton
  • The Trident of Neptune
  • Poseidon's Wrath
  • Ride of the Dolphin
  • Volcanic Vertical
  • Tubestone Curl


  • Leaning Palms
  • Typhoon Tilly's
  • Happy Landings Ice Cream
  • Let's Go Slurpin'
  • Surf Doggies
  • Crush Cart
  • Getaway Glenn
  • Hideaway Bay


  • North Pearl
  • Singapore Sal's
  • High "N" Dry Towels


It will open on July 21st, 2016

All of your favorite Disney characters will be there also

Background Information

It's gonna be awesome

It's gonna be big

It's gonna be water-tastic

It's gonna be fun

It's gonna be great

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