The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, or shortly Tower of Terror, is the E-ticket attraction at most of Disney parks. Based on the CBS classic horror sci-fi anthology TV series The Twilight Zone, it's a drop tower ride which takes guests TBA.

Unlike its predecessors which are based on the CBS show The Twilight Zone, this attraction is focuses to be original like it's predecessor in Tokyo Disneysea.


The fictional backstory of the ride has many different fictional backstories for many different Disney parks

Real parks

Disney's Hollywood Studios


Fanon parks

Gold Coast Disneyland

In 1898 Robertson Blakewood a explorer, and member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers built the fame Lilian Tower Hotel name after his daughter Lilian Blakewood. However due to the reputation of Robertson Blakewood's greed and corruption along with building the Lilian Tower Hotel on top of a burial ground a curse was placed on both the Blakewood family and the Lilian Tower Hotel that at the stroke of midnight his bloodline shall end. The curse came true on December 27th, 1898 when Robertson and Lilian enter the elevator to go the top floor as it is her 18th birthday by the stroke of midnight the lights went out as the curse begins, and the elevator carrying Lilian and her father drops at rapid speed as they scream til the elevator crashes. Robertson's assistant Jefferson Stockwell investigate to search for them inside the elevator the only thing that was left is Lilian's necklace. No one really knows if the Blakewoods are alive or not that because of these events the Lilian Tower was close. By 1942 the Lilian Tower Hotel was reopen for tours by Isabelle Stockwell daughter of Jefferson Stockwell rescued the Lilian Tower Hotel from demolition due to being a landmark, and to honor the Blakewoods. There has been rumors that Blakewoods' soul still haunts the hotel.

Ride Summary

Ride Line

The line begins at the entrance of the Lilian Tower Hotel were go through a deserted dead garden then entering the lobby were there are cobwebs, and other items before entering the preshow.



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Background Information

  • During Disney Fear Harbor a maze call The Secrets of Lilian Tower that extends the Tower of Terror queue tells more of the past, and clues of Lilian Blakewood's disappearance. The ride itself also goes dark during Fear Harbor.
  • On December 27th there is a single light in the Tower of Terror that is lit which is where Lilian Blakewood lived before her disappearance.
  • Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis well known for there show Once Upon A Time created the original plot for Gold Coast Disneysea's Tower of Terror.