This is the BGM of Disneyland Railroad's Tomorrowland Station Which Uses the Same Current BGM of Tomorrowland. With the New Tracks Were Added and Including More Themes from Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland Current.


1. Miracles From Molecules

2. The Monorail Song

3. Stranges Things

4. Moving Thru Time

5. Liquid Space

6. Sieze the Future

7. There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

8. The Best Time of Your Life

9. If You Have Wings

10. Circle Vision 1

11. Tron

12. Traveling Thru Time

13. Circle Vision 2

14. Tomorrow's Child

15. Space Paranoids (From Kingdom Hearts II)

16. Byte Bashing (From Kingdom Hearts II)

17. Welcome to Tomorrowland

18. Inversion Layer

19. Perpetual Motion

Track Time Running

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