It is a 4D motion simulator with water, light, and heat effects. This is like Star Tours 3D but with effects during the show. It will replace ether one of the shops in Africa or it will replace It's Tough to Be A Bug at Animal Kingdom, it will replace Tarzan's Treehouse in Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Ride Summary

The outdoor entrance at the Animal Kingdom version will stay the same like it is at It's Tough to be A Bug. However at the Disneyland version (and Hong Kong), it will be in a fake rainforest. Both versions of the ride will be the same simulator, effects, and desgins. A warning sign says that this ride takes you on a safari gone horribly wrong, it will have violent, turbleant and intense motions, you will experince possible air time.

Ride Line

In Animal Kingdom: It will be the same like It's Tough to Be A Bug.

In Disneyland (Also Hong Kong): You go through a short forest, then you go to a shed where you wait for the preshows.


Preshow: there were some clips from The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa from the tv shows. Before they enter the ride, it shows Wild About Safety with Timon and Pumbaa on video safety. After the safety video, the people may enter the garage where it shows the jeep or to the dock where it shows a boat.

Jeep: Part 0: Inside the jeep, it is equipped with a GPS, DVD Player, and Emergency Beacon, the safari begins, they stop at a rhino crossing, the rhino comes close, then hits the jeep. The jeep then starts suddenly, as it got out of control, it hits a few rocks. Then the jeep stops as Timon and Pumbaa are feeling hurngry.

Part 1-A: They go thru a drive thru, in the menu are Timon and Pumbaa's favorite foods, as the foods were delivered to them, they shot out driving while eating (it shoots out a spray of stink bug).

Part 1-B: They go thru a fast food drive thru, in the menu, the hyenas are planning to kill the two, once they saw the menu was them, they shot out quickly.

Part 2: They stop in the grasslands, where they encounter a stampede of Wildebeests.

Part 3-A: They go inside a dark cave, when the light is turned on, a group of bats attack the two (leg ticklers and air effects).

Part 3-B: The jeep goes into the elephant graveyard, there, they see the Hyenas.

Part 4: They enter to a pit full of tiny holes that shoot lava, inside, they meet the Hyenas (the third time at any side B parts), Timon realises that there were no arrows, they think that all hope is lost, until they think to move forward, during the scene, the go thru twist and turns avoding the holes that shoot lava. 

Part 5-A: They go down as the jeep hits a few spike shaped rocks, then, the jeep avoids thru pits of lava, then they go thru a rough, bumpy path, then they enter a tunnel, the jeep colides.

Part 5-B: They go up to the top of the dark place, where they go on a thin road as they twist and turn to aviod the Hyenas, then the jeep falls and crashes.

Part 6: They thank you for coming and they hope you enjoyed the experince.

Boat: Part 0: Skipper Timon introduces himself, the boat starts up and the tour begins, Pumbaa eats a firefly and burps which gives the smell at Stitch's Great Escape, they spotted a few hippos that look hungry.

Part 1-A: The boat takes a right as you see Pride Rock.

Part 1-B: It rains, the rain shower turns into a thunderstorm, Pumbaa gets scared. Lightning strikes the boat and Timon jumps into the water but he comes back on the boat.

Part 2: They encounter a snake which attacks you.

Part 3-A: The boat gets stuck, Pumbaa puts some of his weight and makes the boat moving again.

Part 3-B: They encounter the hippos again, they spray water at you.

Part 4: Timon thinks it is peacful but until monkeys come out inavding the boat, Rafriki comes out to calm the monkeys.

Part 5: The boat stalls, even worse, crocodiles attack the boat and the boat shoots up, Pumbaa farts which smells like dog poop.

Part 6-A: They go thru a whirlpool.

Part 6-B: They go thru a waterfall.

Part 7: They thank you for coming and they hope you enjoyed the experince.


Unlike the DVDs of the ride video which is 30 frames, instead, the ride version is 60 frames.

Background Information

Boat Ride video:

Jeep Ride video:

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