The Pigeon's Ride Aslo Known As Clue : The Ride When in Disneyland Paris or Disneyland Tokyo Is An Dark Indoor Ride.

The Pigeon Needs A Ride/Clue : The Ride (Paris and Tokyo Only)


Tomarrow Land/Adventrue Land (Tokyo And Paris ONLY)


Mo Willems/Parker Brothers(Tokyo and Paris ONLY)

Attraction Type

Dark Indoor Ride

Opening Date


Hosted By

Pigeon/Cast member (Tokyo And Paris ONLY)

Vehicle capacity


Closed Date

8/30/2015 (Paris ONLY)

Point Of View

The Pigeon's Ride

You Enter a Neon City Where You Meet The Host.The Host Is The Pigeon But in CGI.Than You Start Seeing Stuff Like Buzz Lighter And More.

Clue : The Ride

Just Like The Movie Clue.But in 5:00 And In A Ride.


The Pigeon's Ride

A Neon Entrence With The Title Of Ride Written In Gold Letters.The Pigeon Is Seen Riding The Monorail With The Pigeon in front of it.

Clue : The Ride

Boddy Masion With The Title Of Ride In Red Letters.


The Pigeon's Ride

The Monorail

Clue : The Ride

A Tour Guide Car.


The Pigeons Ride Promo

Promo For The Pigeon's Ride

Clue the ride Promo

Promo For Clue : The Ride

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