St. Louis Disneyland is the seventh newset disney theme park in the united states of america. its location Marceline Missouri the town where walt disney grew up as a child out of all the disney resorts this biggest park ever in the companys history.This park also has a full service railroad named the St Louis Disneyland Railroad and a castle thats is based all castles in disney parks and ect named The Storybook Castle.

lands and attractions

Main Street, U.S.A.


Liberty Sqaure

New Orleans Square


Critter Country

Mickey's Toontown

Pixar Playland Area



Marvel SuperHero City

World Showcase

California Waterfront




◾ Mickey Mouse

◾ Minnie Mouse

◾ Donald Duck

◾ Daisy Duck

◾ Goofy

◾ Pluto

◾ Pete

◾ Chip

◾ Dale

◾Clarabelle Cow

◾Horace Horsecollar

◾ Mary Poppins

◾ Bert

◾ Woody

◾ Jessie

◾ Green Army Men

◾ Hercules

◾ Megara

◾ Lightning McQueen

◾ Tow Mater

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