Spongebob's Rock Bottom Plunge is a log flume roller coaster at Universal Animation Studios in Universal Studios Canada.

Ride Summary


Riders enter SpongeBob's house and walk through. They then enter a dark room where the boarding station is.


Riders board a 4-row, 2-seater boat resembling an orange bus. The ride begins with a 50-foot drop into Rock Bottom. Riders float through Rock Bottom. After a minute of floating, the water gets more shallow and the log attatches to a steel coaster track. The vehicle is then launched 300-feet high to the top of the coaster. Riders turn left and then plummet straight down 240-feet, before launching back up 50-feet. Riders then go through a vertical loop, a cutback, and a heartline roll before going up a lift hill. This lift hill brings riders up 200-feet. Riders detatch from the steel track and start floating through a water trough. Then riders reach the top of the ride and look over the entire resort. Riders then plummet down 300-feet into a pool of water. After floating in the pool for a minute, riders go up a 100-foot lift hill and reach the unloading area. Riders exit the ride.


  • This both a log flume and a steel roller coaster.
  • Saftey Restraint: Harness, handrail
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Universal Red Carpet Access and Single Rider available.

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