Splash Reef Rapids is a themed river rapids ride at Legoland Ontario.

Ride Summary


Riders walks thoguh a Lego jungle.


Riders board a 6-seater raft. They float through the jungle and encounter a Lego Pirate. The Pirate tells riders they will be punished for trespassing on his island. Suddenly, the raft goes up a lift hill into the Pirate's Cove. They camly float throguh the Pirate's cove until they encounter the angry pirate aiming a large cannon at riders. He shoots riders with the cannon and they fall down backwards 14-feet into a pitch black tunnel. They make sharp twists and turns though the dark before exiting the Cove through a 26-foot drop. The raft then goes back up 20-feet before falling down another 26-foot drop. They go back up 20-feet again and then fall back down 26-feet. They once again go up 20-feet and then drop down 5-feet onto a conveyor. The conveyor brings them up to the peak of the ride as they get a glimpse of the entire land before plummeting down 55-feet. Riders float to the unloading area and exit the ride.


The Lego Pirate is an audio-animatronic. To give the effect his is shooting a cannon, smoke and lights come out of it.


  • Saftey Restraint: Seatbelt
  • Time: 6 minutes
  • Legoland Express Pass and Single Rider available.

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