Sleeping Beauty's Scary Journey is a dark ride at Fantasy World in Escondido, California.


You board on pink, green, and blue cars with names like Merryweather, Flora, Fauna, and Maleficent. You go through doors into the castle where you see the King, Queen, and Subjects watching Flora and Fauna giving gifts to Aurora. You make a sharp turn to see Maleficent cursing Aurora. You turn again to the silhouette of older Aurora pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. Next you see Merryweather giving Aurora another gift. Above the scene, the silhouette of older Aurora sleeping is shown. You turn into the forest where older Aurora is singing I Wonder to her animal friends. You turn into the Forbidden Mountain where Maleficent is sending Diablo (her raven) to find Aurora. You follow Diablo to a cottage where you see Merryweather and Flora fighting over the color of Aurora's birthday dress, while Fauna is making a cake. Diablo sits silently in the window. In the next scene, Aurora and Phillip are singing Once Upon A Dream. Next, Aurora is seen following a green light through a passage way with the three fairies are behind her, yelling, "Rose!" You make a sharp turn to find Aurora pricking her finger, while Maleficent stands in the back. Next, you see Aurora sleeping in bed, while fireworks go on outside. You turn to see Phillip fighting/defeating Maleficent (in dragon form) while she falls off a cliff.


As you exit, you see an alive picture of Aurora and Phillip dancing while Aurora's dress changes from pink to blue.

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