Six Flags Indonesia




Six Flags, Inc.

Six Flags Indonesia is a theme park located at Cape Town, South Africa. Unlike other Six Flags parks and like Six Flags Dubailand, the park dose not have any rides and attractions based on Warner Bros. and DC Comic characters due to Universal Studios Indonesia has the rights of Warner Bros. characters for its parks.


Six Flags Street

  • SkyScreamer
  • Boomerang

Thrill Zone

  • Pandemonium
  • Hurricane Force 7
  • New Revolution VR Coaster

Medieval Kingdom

  • Vampire
  • Goliath


  • Mini Mine Train
  • Golaith Jr.

Safari Zone

  • The Shark Tank Experience
  • Monkey Planet
  • Penguins: The South Pole Birds
  • The Rainforest Kingdom
  • Temple of the Tigers
  • Rhino Rampage
  • Tiger Duel
  • Viper

Victorian Village

  • Twisted Colossus
  • Outlaw Run

Rio Land


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