Its A Parade it will start on 29th August to 4th November,Its a Halloween Parade with a Special Tribute to Rock Music


Float 1(Theme:Scary Monsters)

  • Chubby Cheese,Light,Elsa Mars,Pippin and Merry,Vendice Partners

Float 2(Theme:Batty Concert)

  • Jewel(Rio),Marie,Bilbo Baggins,Kirana and Penn,The Goblin King

Float 3(Theme:Doo Woop)

  • Collin,Crepe Suzette,CYW,Jersey Boys,Sam and Rosie,Frodo Baggins

Float 4(Host Club Halloween)

  • Tamaki,Hunny,Mori,Hikaru and Kanoru,Kyouya,Harnhi,Brielle

Float 5(A Funderful Halloween)

  • Angry Birds Movie,Dean,Sam,Castiel,Bobby

Float 6(Suicide Squard)(Based on 2016 Movie)

  • The Joker.Harley Quinn,Katana,Deadshot,Captain Boomerang,Killer Croc,Enchantress


  • Show all the people who star in the show!

Background Information

  • This is the First Halloween Parade to Feature the Characters from Sucide Squard and Angry Birds

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