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Rock Your Anime Side is the parks 1st 24 Hour Party

Anime Dreams Park

  • Anime Moments on Parade:Moving On,Anime Stars On Parade will perform as Usual
  • AnimeNation Will Perform Twice a night with Jersey Boys Ending
  • After AnimeNation it will be a DJ Party by DJ Porn 3
  • At Fantasyland Theater it will be a Live Band By Bratz Masquerade
  • At Star Wars Theater it will be a Marvel Movie Party including Iron Man,Iron Man 2,Thor,Captain America:The First Avengers,Avengers,Iron Man 3,Thor:The Dark World and Captain America:The Winter Solider

Anime Dreams Sea

  • World of Colour will Perform Twice a night With Jersey Boys Ending
  • Anime Dreams Summer Carival Show:Summer Tropic Party will perform only at daytime
  • it will Have a Indie Disco at American Waterfall stage

Amine Dreams Studios

  • The Marvel Superhero Day parade will Be Performing Twice Afternoon and Early Evening
  • Sounds of Jersey Boys will Be perform twice a Night at Hollywood Stage with appearance from Kirana and Penn and Duffy The Disney Bear
  • It will a Kidz Bop Dance Party at Ponyville

Anime Dreams Village

  • At Anime Dreams Resort Cinema They will Be Showing One Direction:This is Us on screen 1,30 Delux:Replace on screen 2,Rock of Ages on screen 3,and X 1999 Movie on screen 4 and X Men Double Bill with Xmen:First Class and Days of Future Past on screen 5 and Frozen on screen 6 with Jersey Boys Sneek Peek

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