Prehistopia Resort (or shortly Prehistopia) is an amusement park, water park and a resort located at Miami, Florida. It is themed to dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. It is owned by Funtime Parks, Ltd.

Theme park


  • Time Street - TBA
  • Paleozoic Zone - a water area themed to the Paleozoic Era
  • Triassic Zone - TBA
  • Jurassic Zone - TBA
  • Cretaceous Zone - TBA
  • Cenozoic Zone - Themed to the Paleogene, Neogene, and Quaternary Period of the Cenozoic Era.

Height categories

This height categories is similar to Hersheypark, but themed to dinosaurs, in which guest is taller enough to ride.

Category Range
Dino Hatchling 0"-36"
Compsognathus 36"-40"
Protoceratop 40"-44"
Velociraptor 44"-48"
Dimetrodon 48"-52"
Triceratop 52"-56"
Tyrannosaurus Rex 56"-60"
Brontosaurus 60"-over

Rides, attractions, live entertainment, retailing and dinning

Time Street

  • Time Travel Twister!
  • Ride
  • Coaster
  • Flat ride
  • Coaster
  • 4D
  • Dark Ride


Paleozoic Zone

  • Ride
  • Ride
  • Coaster
  • TBA.

Triassic Zone

  • Dinosaur Spin - A spinning roller coaster made by Maurer.
  • TBA

Jurassic Zone

  • T-Rex - An Arrow looping coaster with six inversions.
  • Ride
  • TBA

Cretaceous Zone

  • Water ride
  • Ride
  • Coaster


Cenozoic Zone

  • Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 4-D Ride - A 4D highlight reel of the third film in the Ice Age franchise.
  • Water ride
  • TBA

Resorts and hotels

  • Dawn of Time Hotel
  • Caveman Campgrouds



  • Stone Age Golf

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