Its the show will be debuting for Anime Dreams seas 15th Anniversary


Come and celebrate 15 years of anime dreams sea in this fun filled show of wonderful costumes,Music and Drama


  • From 9th September to 5th November,it will be present in a Halloween Edition Called Porto Halloween Water Carnival
  • From 10th November to 4th January will be presented in the special winter Edition will Characters From Disney Film Frozen
  • For the Finale of the 15th Anniversary will be Called Porto Paradiso Water Carnival GRAND FINALE

Before and after the show

Stage 1

  • Announcer:Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls,A Anime Dreams sea program reminder in 15 Minutes at Mediterranean Harbor we will present Porto Paradiso Water Carnival,Join us as we Celebrate 15 Years of Anime Dreams sea in this wonderful carnival,Porto Paradiso Water Carnival will begin in just 15 minutes Thank You

Background Information

  • These Butterfly Dancers wear Leotard and wings to Represent each Element
  • White Leotard/Buterfly wings-Imagination
  • Pink Leotard/Butterfly wings-Love
  • Green Leotard/Butterfly wings-Adventure
  • Blue Leotard/Butterfly wings-Laugther
  • Purple Leotard/Butterfly wings-Friendship

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