Pixar Play Parade 2.0 is the upcoming updated parade at Disney California Adventure. This parade is in honor of the upcoming Disney/Pixar movie, Monsters University. The parade will feature floats and characters based on Disney·Pixar films such as Monsters University, The Incredibles, and the Toy Story franchise. The music used in this parade will be derived from Hong Kong Disneyland's Flight of Fantasy Parade and its sister park Disneyland's Mickey's Soundsational Parade, both having the same tunes with changes in the lyrics.

Parade Units

Below is a list of the parade unit order

  • Monsters University Unit: The parade starts with the Monsters University gate with the parade's title replacing the Monsters University sign. Controling it are two Monsters University students. Following the gate are the Monsters University marching band and the citizens of Monstropolis holding water guns. The large, oddly shaped drum from the first parade, decorated with Monsters University banners and controlled by Sulley, wearing a Monsters University jacket, and Mike, wearing the Monsters University cap, follows, accompanied by George, Needleman, and Boo.
  • The Incredibles UnitThe Incredibles float features a large replica of Syndrome's Omnidroid with two arms moving around the float with the help of two performers. Jack-Jack, the baby of the family, rides on one of the arms of the droid, occasionally shooting flames from his head. On the other arm of the Omnidroid is Violet in the force field. Below the Omnidroid, is Violet's brother Dash, running around the Omnidroid. Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible (aka ElastiGirl), and Frozone ride in front of the float on individual "hovercrafts", along with dancers on spring-loaded stilts.
  • Finding Nemo UnitPuppets of Marlin, Nemo, Dory, and Squirt lead this section of the parade, with oversized pieces of coral and a large puppet of Crush on the float along with several baby turtles. Female performers with large jellyfish puppets follow the float.
  • Up Unit (Currenty Not In Parade): Wilderness explorers march as they lead a floating house down the parade route. On the porch is Carl Fredrickson waving with his cane and riding on top of the house are wilderness explorer Carl and his pet dog Dug.
  • A Bug's Life UnitThe longest float in the parade, it features Flik and Atta on a two-person swing with Dot looking on, along with two larger swings in the back portion of the float capable of swinging almost 360-degrees around the top of the float. Heimlich leads the float, pushing a huge flower with him, occasionally splitting in to multiple portions as he walks. Slim takes up the rear of the float dancing and playing with a smaller female bug and waving to guests.
  • Toy Story Unit: The final unit features five separate portions: the first portion consists of a walking tinkertoy figure followed by the Green Army Men led by their commander, possibly Sarge. The second features Little Green Men armed with squirt guns. The third float features a large clear globe with plastic balls bouncing around inside with Buzz Lightyear atop the float in a rocket. The fourth portion features Mr. Potato Head in a construction truck that is featured in Toy Story 3. The final section, seemingly pulled by Hamm the Piggy Bank, features Rex (Sculpted by Nick Petronzio) standing atop a large Luxo ball, holding a long bar in his mouth that acts as beam for gymnasts to swing around on, along with Woody and Jessie on a motorized teeter-totter squirting water from spring-action shooters. Slinky Dog front portion stands on the back of the float, while his back portion walks along the route following the float creating the illusion that he is pushing the float. The three cowgirls close the parade
  • Cars Unit: Several mechanics and diner girls escort Mater down the parade route as he tows the float. The float features a Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment racer standing next to Lightning McQueen on a World Grand Prix arena themed float that Mater is towing.
  • Ratatoullie Unit (Currenty Not In Parade):  Chefs lead in the large food-themed float. Remy stands on the front of the float, in front of Chef Gusteau's famous cookbook, while rats on the other sections of the float hanging from spaghetti, including Remy's brother Emile, waving and dancing to guests in a ladle.
  • WALL-E Unit (Currenty Not In Parade): Several crew members of the Axiom wearing jumpsuits lead a replica of the Axiom ship with the BnL logo on it. Riding on top of the Axiom is WALL-E and EVE as they dance on top of the ship.
  • Brave Unit (Currenty Not In Parade): Bagpipe players and vikings lead this section of the parade with a landscape-themed archery field. A bear wearing a crown waves with three small bears. Joining the bears is Princess Merida as she bows while holding a bow and arrow for archery practice.
  • The Good Dinosaur Unit (Currenty Not In Parade):
  • Coco Unit (Currenty Not In Parade):
  • Inside Out Unit (Currenty Not In Parade): Fear, disgust, joy, sadness and anger
  • Villains Unit (Currenty Not In Parade): Syndrome, ernesto De la Cruz, Auto, charles Muntz, lotso, emperor zurg, jackson storm, chief skinner, sid phillips, mr. waternoose, stinky pete, mordu, hopper, randall and thunderclap

Show fact

  • Show run: May 24, 2013 - present
  • Show length: 45 minutes (60 minutes with 3 show stops)
  • Show stop song: "Fly With Me" by the Jonas Brothers and "You Can Fly"
  • Other songs featured:
      • "'If I Didn't Have You"
      • "I Need a Hero"
    • CARS UNIT:
      • "Real Gone" / "Life is a Highway"
      • ​"Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien"
    • WALL-E UNIT:
      • ​"Down on Earth"
      • "Beyond the Sea"
    • UP UNIT:
      • "Adventure is Out There"
      • "The Time of Your Life"
      • "Touch the Sky" / "Into the Open Air"
      • "You've Got a Friend in Me"
  • Grand Marshall song: "Pixar Play Parade"

Grand Marshall Lyrics

It's a Pixar Play Parade here
So, come on, come on, come on
Get up and play!
Step right up, play year after year
So, come on, come on, come on
It's a brand new day!
Prepare to be soaked and wet!
On your marks? Get set!
So, come on, come on
Pixar Play Parade!
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey!
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey!