Pirates Ship Adventure is a trackless interactive boat ride at Legoland Ontario.

Ride Summary


Riders walk through a Lego island. They enter a dock.


Riders step aboard the Dock and an animatronic Lego Pirate appears. He tells riders they will be given the chance to drive their own Pirate ship around the Treasure River.


Riders leave the pre-show area and board their boats. The boats hold two seats. One seat has a pedal and a steering wheel, the other seat has a cannon. Each boat is desgined to look like a small pirate ship. Riders drive their ship around the Treasure River with the other 24 boats and attempt to shoot them with their cannons. The ride lasts three minutes.


Each ride lasts three minutes. 25 boats can be used at once and 50 riders can ride every 3 minutes.

The river is 3-feet deep and under each boat is a long pole extending 3-feet underwater, attaching itself to the vehicles engine. The engine is a trackless system which allows it to move the boat anywhere across the river depending on where the rider steers it. When a rider shoots another boat with the cannon, the other boat will vibrate and the sound of it being hit is heard. To give the effect of a canon ball being shot out of the cannon, whenever a rider shoots the cannon, smoke comes out of it and the sound of a canon ball being launched is heard.


  • Saftey Restraint: None
  • Legoland Express Pass available.

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