NickWorld is a amusement park resort based in Dublin, Ireland. It opened on July 4, 2000. It is dedicated to popular kids' network Nickelodeon and its sisters. It was once and now owned by Paramount Parks (2000-2005; 2017-present for revival), and once owned by Parques Reunidos (2006-2017).



Restaurants/snack facilities Retailing Entertainment/attractions
DowtowNick Food Court Complex Nick Pix DowntowNick Arcade Center
Cracker Barrel Cracker Barrel Cirque du Soleil's Fantasy Surreal
Planet Hollywood Hershey's Product Factory Hershey's Chocolate World at NickWorld
7-Eleven 7-Eleven A DowntowNick Cinema Center - An CineWorld/IMAX Theater
Rainforest Cafe Toys "R" Us Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum
McBar Fossils Ripley's Aqaurium
Latin Quarter Apple Store TeenNick Club
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Louis Tussauds Waxworks
Ripley's Cargo Gift Store Justice & Brothers Ripley's Moving Theater 6D

Nickelodeon Hotels

  • SpongeBob SquareHotel
  • The Loud House Retreat
  • New World Order Motel
  • Holiday Inn at NickWorld


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