This is a similarity to the new Fantasyland except the entire park is expanded.

Main Steet:

Walt Disney World Railroad

Land of Oz & Fanastyland (Fantasyland expansion):

Oz: the Great Balloon Chase 3D

Finley's High-Sky Service Ride

Skylanders Boat ride (Malestrom parody)

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood the Ride (based off the ride at Idlewild Park)

Doogal the Coaster

Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure

The Smiler or Magolor Soul (based off the Alton Towers Coaster, the Smiler)

"It's a Small World",

Tigger the Ride,

Rairty's Charming Carosuel,

Insane Tea Party,


Kirby's Ultra Extreme Crossover Mayhem 4D!!!!

New Rock' N 'Rollercoaster (Paris version)

Reboot the Ride 3.D

Monster's Inc Pixar Blast (Parody of Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast at Universal)

Digital Mountain

Carosuel of Progress 2: Into the Future

Alien Encounter Terror of 2 or Leroy's Great Escape

Team Fortress 2 Laser Tag

Liberty Square:

Luna's Haunted Castle (Haunted Mansion refurbisment)

New Hall of Presidents

Garfield: The Ride to the Golden Lasanga Plate (Based off Garfield the Movie)

Steamboat Majestic


Applejack's Sweet Hoedown

New Splash Mountain

Big Mountain Railroad (with new effects)


Enchanted Tiki Room: starring Stitch!

Pirates of the Caribbean,

Jungle Cruise (updated with the Jungle Book)



Emerald City Eatery


Pinkie Pie Candy Co.

Comic Rays Starlight Cafe, now with meet and greet Bill Nye!



Emerald City Gold Chamber

The Smiler's Dungeon or Magolor's Lor Starcutter


Supply Vault (refurbishment to Merchant of Venus)

Monstropolis the Shop

Mickey's Star Traders with Rockin Merchandise

Liberty Square:

Luna's Haunted Shop


Enhanced Pirates shop


At Land of Oz: All of it is based off the 2013 Oz, the Great and Powerful movie. At Tomorrowland: Rock' N 'Roller Coaster is based off the Audiosurf game, it is a  remodeled version of the Hollywood Studios version but made it smoother and has more comfortable restraints, although it is like the Paris version, the license plates and the G-Force Records are what kept in the new version but they added extra cars, #1NGIN: Lets Have A Race and Come for the Ride, and BADDUG: Jimmy Neutron Theme.

Background Information


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