Movie Fantasy Park Thailand is a Thai amusement park based in Thailand. It themed to the works from both BBC, Disney Channel, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Capcom, MGM, others.


  • Magical Entrance
  • Movie Gates
    • Sony Pictures MotionGate
    • Universal Studio Lot
    • Lionsgate Planet
    • Western Movie Zone
    • Stunt Flick Zone
  • Television Landvision
    • Disney Channel Fun Zone
    • Nickelodeon Galaxy
    • Cartoon Network Blast
    • BBC Studios Universe
  • Video Game PlayZones
    • Capcom GameZone
    • Xbox Complex
    • Playstation World of Gaming
    • World of Final Fantasy: powered by Square Enix
    • Nintendo Land
  • Anime Acres
    • Dragon Ball Universe
    • Pokemon Plaza
    • Bleach Universe
    • Digimon: The Digital World
    • JoJo's Bizarre Park
    • Naruto Zone
    • One Punch Land


Magical Entrance

  • The Hollywood Rocket -TBA


Movie Gates

  • Goastbusters: Battle for New York


Television Landvision

  • Star vs The Forces of Evil: Sea of Trouble


Video Game PlayZones

  • Steet Fighter VR Coaster


Anime Acres

  • Dragon Ball Live!


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