Mother Metazoa


Mythical humanoid spirit




a young slender dark-skinned humanoid woman who glows like a sun, and wears an animal pattern dress, walk on bare feet, has long dark hair, TBA


Beautiful, friendly, intelligent, TBA

Color eyes



Animals, nature, wildlife in piece, welcoming guests, Christmas, TBA


Threats to wildlife and animals, poachers, animals dying, Peck the Spider Raven, TBA

Mother Metazoa (The Spirit of the Animals) is a mascot for Universal Metazoa theme park chain, who portray as a fictional personification of animals. TBA.

Fictional backstory



Statue of Mother Metazoa

At all Universal Metazoa parks, the Statue of Mother Metazoa is an icon for the parks, located at the front of the entrance gate.

The statue designs as a giant-sized of her, and holds an earth with "Universal Metazoa" logo on it. Between her, are two sides of the murals, pictures the animals native to worldwide.

Since the Statue of Mother Metazoa is the Universal Metazoa icon, it acts as a direct competitor to Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom at WDW.


The Evolution of Wild Conservation


Universal Metazoa Trailway

At the Universal Escape of Africa's Universal Metazoa park, it is the seasonal interactive attraction where Mother Metazoa gives the visitors trials to explore the park. The trials involve many different tasks, like taking photos of an animal or riding an attraction. Those who completed a trial will be rewarded with a prize. After finishing the trial, Mother Metazoa shows up and crowns him/her as the "King" or "Queen of the Beasts".

Meet n greet appearance



  • "Welcome to the place where it's full of discovery, adventure, and a safari experience where all the wonderful and extraordinary animals that ruled in piece in the natural world and law. Welcome one and all to Universal Metazoa."
  • TBA
  • "Your first adventure begins in Tropical Boimes, where it's a jungle out there, homed to many animals of Africa, Asia, and Central and South America, that you can ever encounter, with three sub-lands such as The Africa Safari, where you TBA"
  • TBA
  • "Travel back in time to 65 millions of the making of Jurassic Park. Inspired by the hit movie franchise, TBA"
  • TBA


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