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Mike and Sulley to the Rescue

The Entrance That Looks like Mike and Sully to the Rescue.

So.. I suppose that Monster, Inc World is a theme park based on the Pizar Film Monster, Inc at Californa Adventure?


  • Mike and Sully to the Rescue !: an dark slow ride based on the film.
  • Sully's Scared Coaster: an themed kid coaster, that travels through Monsters, inc
  • Boo's Traveling Bears: a Carrousel hosted by Boo and traveling in Monsters and Mike and Sully's Toy Bear
  • Mike's Scream, Laff, and Scare !: an coaster where Mike tells funny jokes
  • Soaring Through Doors !: an Soaring Through Cailforna Vased but you're traveling on a door.

Meet and Greet Characters

  • Mike
  • Sulley
  • Boo
  • Randall Boggs

Shops and Food Places

  • Monster Area
  • Boo's Kingdom
  • Monster Photopass !
  • Eat and Scream
  • Harryhausen's

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