Minionimals is a character meet-n-greet attraction located at Universal Metazoa theme parks, features the yellow minions from the Despicable Me franchise formed as animals. Nearby the attraction is the small kiosk store which sells clothing, plushies, mugs, etc. of the Minionimals.

Fictional backstory

Gru, the evil genius, was working on his ultimate invention that could turn every person or every creature into animals. He first tested it out with one of his yellow minions. As his machine succeed as it turned a minion into an animal (a rabbit), which caught the attention of one of Gru's adopted daughters Angus, who adored the rabbit-formed minion, showed him to her sisters and suggested Gru to instead of turning people to animals, he could turn those minions into animals, so as they did by turning every minion into different forms of animals, they've decided to translate them into a meet-n-greet attraction for guests of all ages could encounter, as they named them Minionimals.

List of Minionimals

List of Minioninmals in alphabetical order.

  • Aardvark Minion
  • Alligator Minion
  • Anteater Minion
  • Ant Minion
  • Baboon Minion
  • Bear Minion
  • Bobcat Minion
  • Butterfly Minion
  • Cat Minion
  • Caterpillar Minion
  • Cheetah Minion
  • Crab Minion
  • Crane Minion
  • Dog Minion
  • Dinosaur Minion
  • Dingo Minion
  • Dragon Minion
  • Elephant Minion
  • Fish Minion
  • Flamingo Minion
  • Giraffe Minion
  • Kangaroo Minion
  • Lion Minion
  • Meerkat Minion
  • Monkey Minion
  • Mouse Minion
  • Owl Minion
  • Penguin Minion
  • Possum Minion
  • Puma/Cougar Minion
  • Rabbit Minion
  • TBA
  • Snake Minion
  • Tiger Minion
  • Walrus Minion
  • X-Ray Fish Minion
  • Yak Minion
  • Zebra Minion

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Minionimals App



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