This is the Current Disneyland's Main Street USA BGM, Which Could Be Used as a AM Background Music. While the Old Main Street USA BGM Used as a PM Background Music.

Daytime Main Street U.S.A./World Bazaar BGM

1. Maple Leaf Rag

2. Married Life (From Up)

3. Let Me Call You Sweetheart

4. Surrey With the Fringe On Top

5. Oh, You Beautiful Doll

6. Old Timers Waltz Medley

7. Put on Your Old Grey Bonnet

8. And the Band Played On

9. Alexander’s Ragtime Band

10. Before the Parade Passes By

11. Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby

12. Dearie

13. Delerium Tremens Rag

14. Hello, Ma Baby

15. By the Light of the Silvery Moon

16. It’s a Long Way To Tipperary

17. In the Good Old Summertime

18. Fortuosity

19. Oh! You Drummer

20. Sidewalks of New York

21. There’ll Be a Hot Time In the Old Town Tonight

22. Wait ‘Till the Sun Shine Nellie

23. Meet Me in St. Louis

24. Elegance

25. Kansas City

26. Yankee Doodle Dandy

27. Wells Fargo Wagon

28. Put On Your Sunday Clothes (from “Hello Dolly!”)

Nighttime Main Street USA/World Bazaar BGM

1. Grizzly Bear

2. Smokey Mokes

3. Geradline

4. T.P.G. (Barn Dance)

5. Polka By Request

6. Down at the Barbecue

7. Dynamite Rag

8. Cascade of Flowers

9. At a Geordia Camp Meeting

10. Turkish Towel Rag

11. Waltz for Evelyn

12. Delmonico Polka

13. Atlantic City

14. Clef Club No.2

15. Palm Leaf Rag

16. Sun Flower Slow Drag

17. Great Scott Rag

18. The Easy Winners

19. The Chrysanthemum

20. War Cloud

21. High Society

22. Theme from Minnie's Boys

23. Man wasa Load of Mischief

Time Track Running

Daytime: 55:54

Nighttme: 59:03

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