List of rides, shows and theme park attractions based on live action TV shows, movies, and sport with no puppets.


(#) = Fanon parks and attractions

Franchises Company Attractions Park locations
The Big Bang Theory CBS Bazinga!: The Ride (#) Most Cedar Fair parks
Power Rangers Saban TBA Some Cedar Fair parks
City of Heroes
James Bond MGM 007: License To Thrill (#)
Some Cedar Fair parks
City of Heroes
WWE WWE Pile Driver (#)
WWE Raw Coaster (#)
Some Cedar Fair parks
City of Heroes
Tony Hawk Tony Hawk Tony Hawk's Big Spin
Tony Hawk's Halfpipe
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Coaster (#)
Some Six Flags parks
Fantasia Kingdom
Star Trek CBS/Paramont Star Trek: The Ride (#) Some Cedar Fair parks
Wayne's World Paramount Hurler Some Cedar Fair parks
E.T. Universal E.T. Adventure Universal Studios Florida

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