Jurassic World Discovery Center, a real-life version of the Visitors Center from the film Jurassic Park, is an attraction at Unviersal Studios Canada.


Exterior Enterance

The outside of the center has windows like in the film.

Interior Enterance

Inside, a large mural extends across the front wall containing several dinosaur species in a realistic artist impression of a Jurassic period forest, ocean, and field. Visitors who enter the front of the center and enter the main rotunda will see several skeletal mock-ups of Tyrannosaurus rex, Apatosaurus, and a Pteranodon.

There are many room inside the building holding attractions and shops.


Visitor Center Dark Ride

Riders enter a theater. They watch a short animated film (a CGI version of the one from the Jurassic Park movie) with Mr. DNA telling guests about how the Dinosaurs were brought back to life. After that, a lap bar is pulled down and the screen in the theater is pulled up to reveal a lab behind it. The theater then turns into a dark ride vehicle and travels through the lab as (animatronic) scientists are working on taking care of the dinosaurs.

  • Universal Red Carpet Access available.
  • Saftey Restraint: Lap Bar

Dinosaur Fossils

Guests can look at real Dinosaur fossils.

Hatching Station

Guests can watch as scientists (actors) show them the hatching of a Dinosaur (animatronics).


Dino Diner

A Diner where guests' tables are next to (animatronic) sleeping Dinosaurs.

Cretaceous Cafe

A recreation of the restaurant in the movie.


Discovery Shop


Gallimimus Gift Shop

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