Jumanji: The Wild 4D Experience is a 3D film and special effects attraction based on Sony Pictures' TriStar 1995 film Jumanji. It is located at Universal Metazoa theme park, and show the clips from the film.

Attraction experience

Guests enter the Alan's house which serves as a exterior (Similar to Houses at Halloween Horror Nights) and they go through the whole house map and Once they enter upstairs. The guests can see the doors to the Bathroom and others are locked and closed. Then You come across a preshow and after it plays On the other hand. Guests pick-up Jumanji Eye-Wear (3D glasses) and the doors open and It combines a IMAX 3D theater with some of the jungle-themed settings. The Seats However in the Massive Theater Are Listed to be 468. Guests watch A 34 Minute Film Based On Jumanji.



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