Journey of the Forbbiden Forest is a suspended roller coaster dark ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Canada and Universal Metazoa in Universal Tijuana in Mexico.

Ride Summary


Riders walk through a line winding through the nighttime forest. Riders eventually find themselves in the boarding station, desgined to look like a river.


Riders board a 4-person (2 rows with 2 seats) convertable blue Ford Angelina which is hovering over a river a few feet below. Riders take off and fly in their cars around the forest. They go on a fantastic 4-minute journey through the forest, passing by many creatures (werwolves, dementors, hippogriff's, and one dragon that breathes fire). Rider's then return to the river and exit the ride.


The entire ride and the queue is indoors. The queue looks like the forest at midnight with trees, wind, black walls, as well as cricket sounds to further the illusion. The acutal ride uses the same setup but on a much larger scale and with animatronic creatures, like a dragon that breathes mist and red lights to simulate fire. The actual vehicle is desgined to look like a blue convertible car. Like E.T. Adventure, located in Universal Studios Florida, the vehicle sits on a platform which is connected to poles, which ride through a track on the ceiling.


  • Time: 4 minutes
  • Saftey Restraint: Seatbelt, handrails

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