frst thing you see is Walt Disney's statue shaking Snowball's hand not that dumb mouse second thign you see is a bigger satatue of a Minion and then you see a lot of trophies then you got a concert hall where it says "second g shows eve3ry hour" but really i'm MF DOOM-ing it sending fake second g's just so I can chill out in the big JACUZZI redheads only REDHEADS also there's a SKYRIM rollerocaster shit looks like youre on a fucking dragon bro WOOSH flying across tamriel while alduin's like bOIII then you got my favorite ride SUPER MARIO BROS it's like men in black but with those brown mushrooms i also got a meme area a daisy ridley area a foot fetish area a jeremy corbyn area and a little kid park shoutout to gashon atom price kantor dylan SHOUTOUT TO MY PRODUCER beethoven more like BEAThoven he's fking killing it i'm telling u alright PEACE

Oh yeah Tinkerbell is there too

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