Itchy and Scratchy: The Ride is a wild mouse coaster at Universal Animation Studios in Universal Studios Canada.

Ride Summary


At the enterance of the ride, guests see a calm and gentle ride vehicle, riding slowly in circles on a very short track, passing by a cardboard cut-out of Itchy and Scratchy. Riders walk through a short queue showing clips of Itchy and Scratchy cartoons. The queue has very happy music playing, and the laughs of children can be heard, making it sound like a ride aimed at small toddlers.


Riders enter the small ride vehicle with no saftey restraint. Rider vehicle starts moving slowly while a happy song plays. A happy sounding woman announces the saftey intructions and tell riders to have fun. The vehicles slowly reach the short circle track seen in the entrance. Just as it seems the vehicles are goign to go onto the circle track, the quickly make a sharp left turn into a pitch black dark building. The music suddenly becomes scary. Once riders are in the building, the lights turn on and a saftey harness is lowered and straps riders in. Suddenly, scary laughter is heard ad the vehicle goes up a lift hill. The building goes completely dark again and riders plummet 30-feet straight down. They then go through a bunch of sharp turns and big drops in the dark. The lights go up dimly to reveal a giant scary Scratchy face. Riders vehicles stop for a few seconds. Drool starts dripping form Scratchy's open mouth. Rider speed through his mouth and go through a huge loop. After the loop, riders go up a fast lift hill and the room goes totally dark again. Riders plummet 70-feet straight down before going back up and doing 17 upside-down inversions in a row. The vehicle then stop in the dark. The harness is lifted back up as happy music starts playing again. Riders then slowly ride the short, outdoors, circle track and exit the ride.


The cardboard cut-outs of Itchy and Scrathcy are meant to look poorly-made. The giant Scratchy head is made of plastic and the drool comign out of his mouth is water.


  • Saftey Restraint: Harness.
  • This ride is meant to look like a kids ride at first. Once expiriencing the first 30 seconds of the ride, riders realize it is actually and intense and scary coaster.
  • If a park guest brings a small child onto the ride, not knowing it is an intense coster, the rider operator standing st the enterance warns the guest of the intense parts of the ride.
  • If an older park guests enters the ride, the employees give no warning of the coaster.
  • Universal Red Carpet Access available.

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