The House of Villains is in Villains Land.

Theater, Diner, and Prop Basement

The Theater is a place where the villains get to watch movies. The diner has tables next to the theater. The prop basement is used for props. Disney and Non-Disney Villains sit on chairs and tables.

Tables and Villains (Disneyland version)

Some villains below.

Tables and Villains (La Ronde and Sydney Disney Studios version)

  1. Jafar
  2. Pete
  3. Evil Queen
  4. Javert
  5. Myzor
  6. Zygon
  7. Mr. Boddy
  8. Captain Hook
  9. Cruella DeVil
  10. Divatox
  11. Bad Rap
  12. General Woundwort
  13. Megatron
  14. Queen Beryl
  15. Queen of Hearts
  16. Mephiles
  17. Nightmare Moon
  18. Discord
  19. Queen Chrysalis
  20. King Sombra
  21. Wayne Cramp
  22. Dialbolic
  23. Dr. Eggman
  24. Dr. K
  25. Shredder
  26. Captain Black
  27. Odlaw
  28. Sakharine
  29. Gaston
  30. Dr. Hell
  31. Jason Voorhees
  32. Voldemort
  33. Baron Silas Greenback
  34. Venger
  35. Venjix
  36. Preadator
  37. Xenomorph
  38. Macavity
  39. The Phantom of the Opera
  40. Chairface Chippendale
  41. Rothbart
  42. Rasputin
  43. Ruber
  44. Nekron
  45. Claudandus
  46. Many Others

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