Hook's Boat Ride is a boat flume at Fantasy World in Escondido, California.


You get in a boat at Mermaids Lagoon. You ride out to Skull Rock and go in the mouth. You see animatronics of Peter and Hook fighting. You suddenly go down a drop into a cavern full of spikes. You exit to find a room full of pirate treasure. You travel on and the lights get darker. You enter a blue lit room full of skulls. A voice echoes, "Dead men tell no tales." A skull and crossbones on top of a cave entrance tells you to beware and look for the crocodile. You drop into darkness and hear Hook screaming. You come back to light where you see the crocodile popping up out of nowhere. You make a sharp turn to find a sign reading: "Beware Of Pirates" You hear A Pirates Life For Me playing, and suddenly go down a giant drop. You start going back to shore.

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