Hogwarts Express is a train ride from Hogsmeade to Kings Cross Station and the other way around at Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Canada.

Hogsmeade to Kings Cross


Riders walk through the Hogsmeade Station.


Riders board the train and get their own private room with a window. Riders train takes off and they see scenic views of the English countryside out the window, plus many of the characters and elements from Harry Potter showing up throughout. They end up in Kings Cross Station.

Kings Cross to Hogsmeade


Riders walk through Kings Cross Station. They end up at platform 9 and 10 and walk through the wall to end up at platform 93/4. Riders then board the train.


The actual ride is similar to Hogsmeade's ride, except with different characters, scenery, and the train is riding to Hogsmeade instead of from it.



The train is actually riding from one land to the other, but the windows are actually screens. Each window is a 50-inch "glasses free" 3-D 4K television. The "transparent" doors to each room aren't actual tranparent doors, but also screens. Each room is equipped with a Dolby 7.1.2 sound system.

 The video shown on the screen is different depanding on the time of day. If it is nighttime at the park, the video is the same, but takes place at night.

Kings Cross

When riders walk through the 9 and 10 platform walls, they are actually walking through a mist screen. The actual train ride uses the same technology as the Hogsmeade version.


  • Time: 4 minutes
  • Saftey Restraint: None
  • This is similar to the same ride at Universal Orlando Resort.

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