Its A Parade is that performed at Shangai Anime Dreams it debuted on June 16th.The Parades Theme is Joyful and Colourful,The Parade will take place in Tomorrowland and head to the Plazza and exit to Treasure Crove

The Parade Music is Called Happily Ever After from Hong Kong Disneyland


  • Opening Unit

Starting Polly The Lifeguard,Zoo Troop,7 Dwarfs and Snow White

  • Troll Kingdom(Based on 2016 Movie Trolls)

Dancers Wearing Troll costumes dancing behind the float as Princess Poppy and Branch Leading the Party and on the back of the float we see Guy Diamond Dancing with DJ Suki on the Top of the Float

  • High School Romance(Based on 2006 Anime Ouran High School Host Club)

Usa Chan Leading the Float with Female Bunny Dancers on the First Float Therse Tamaki and Haruhi dancing and Hunny eating Cake on the Table with Mori and on the Second Float Theres Hikaru and Karou Hugging and Kyoya waving at the Guests

  • Ice Wonderland(Based on 2013 Movie Frozen)

We See The Dancers Wearing Long Sleeved White Dressed with Wings and Anna and Olaf on the Front of the Float(Representing Warm) and Elsa on The Back of the Float(Represent the Cold) and we see the Snow Fairies

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