Greasy's Diner is a resturuant at Disney Universe Fantasy Kingdom in Eerie Island. It is based after a resturaunt in Gravity falls.



Strange Salad

Creepy Chilli Fries

Freaky French Fries

Bill Cipher Natchos


Mobuis Chicken Strips (it's infinitely delicious)

Terrifying Hot Dogs (beware, they bite)

Chilling Cheese Burger

Plate of Pizza

Mystery Meal


Frightening Fruit Punch

Wierd Lemonade

Boring Old Tap Water (fresh staright from the sink!)

Spine-tingling Seltzer

Pitt Cola


Terrifying Chocolate Treat

Supernatrual Sunday

Creepy Cake

Mysterious Milkshakes

Bill Cipher Cheesecake

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