Notice: This is a real world park with fanon content

Geauga Lake is a theme park located in Aurora, Ohio (outside of Cleveland). The park first opened in 1889 and it has been owned by Funtime Parks, Ltd. since 1982. The park also has a water park that is included with park admission.

Rides and attractions

(#) = Fanon ride/attraction

Roller coasters

  • Big Dipper - A wooden roller coaster.
  • Cobra (#) - A Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster.
  • Jr. Dragon (#) - A kiddie coaster.
  • Thomas' Mine Train (#) - A Thomas the Tank Engine themed family mine train coaster.
  • TBA

Water rides

  • TBA

Flat rides

  • Lightning Loop (#) - A Larson Super Loop ride.
  • Great Americana (#) - A 205 foot-tall Ferris Wheel.
  • WWE Pile Driver and Slammer (#) - A 200 foot-tall S&S Combo Tower complex.
  • TBA

Kiddie rides

  • Dragon Tales (#) - A Zamperla Mini Jet ride themed around Dragon Tales
  • Elmo's Bounce Party (#) - A bounce house
  • TBA

Water park attractions

  • The Wave - A wave pool.
  • Twin Snappers (#) - A dueling mat water slide complex.
  • TBA

3D/4D rides

  • TBA

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