Frozen Ever After is a boat flume at Epcot in Walt Disney World Resort, and World Showcase in Disney Unverse Resort.


As you wait in the line, you pass through the Arendalle courtyards, with nods to the film laid throughout. Promotions for the Arendalle Winter in Summer festival can be seen too. You then enter Wandering Oaken's Trading Post, where you'll see Oaken saying hello to guests and playing around in his sauna. Then you end up towards the vehicle boarding station. The boats have a Norwegian style to them, with seats that look like ice.


The first room the boat enters, has Olaf welcoming the guests to Arendalle and singing "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman". He then imforms the guests that he'll see them at Elsa's Ice palace. You then encounter Grand Pabbie telling the young trolls the story of "how Anna saved her sister with an act of true love". The next room leads you towards Elsa's Ice palace, before encountering Olaf ice skating. You then encounter Anna and Kristoff welcoming everyone to Elsa's Ice palace, as they sing "For the First Time in Forever". The next room has you encounter Elsa singing her signiture song, "Let it Go", before using her ice powers to send you backwards. After exiting the castle, you encounter Marshmallow and some Snowgies playing around in the snow. You are then sent forwards again, before being sent down a small drop. You end up back in Arendalle at the end, and catch some fireworks. The final room has Anna, Elsa, and Olaf singing "In Summer", before saying farewell to their visitors. Then, the boat ends up at the exit station, and you walk over to the post show, while the boat returns to the boarding station.

Post Show

You then have the option to meet Anna and Elsa in the Frozen Royal Somerhaus Meet and Greet. Afterwards, you head into the Frozen Frenzy gift shop, where you could get a Frozen souvenir.

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