Frodo and Bilbos Middle Earth Fantasy is a Summer Event at Anime dreams Park to Mark the theme it will be a 2 stage show,Pre Parade and Nightime show and the Reopening Of The Lord Of The Rings Musical at the Magic Curtain Theater in Fantasy Land


  • STAGE SHOW:The Magical Middle Earth Adventure

Time of Performance:2-3 Times a Day(Not Presented On Mornings)

Location:Cinderella Forecourt Stage

  • STAGE SHOW:Bilbos Good Morning Greeting

Time Of Performance:Once a Day

Location:Cinderella Forecourt Stage

  • PARADE:Anime Moments on Parade with The Hobbit Pre Parade

Time of Performance: Afternoon

Location:New Fantasyland(Parade Start) through FantasyLand,Wild wild west,Through the Plazza,SpaceLand and Legion Camp(Parade Exit)

  • SHOW:AnimeNation:The Middle Earth Celebration/Galadriel's Good Night Kiss

Time of Performance:At Park Closing Time

Location:Cinderella Castle

Other Events

  • The Hobbit Bass Band

Time Of Performance:At Park Opening Time

Location:Main Street USA

Meet and Greets

  • Frodo Baggins and Sam

Location:Fantasyland Near Vampire Knight Ride

  • Bilbo Baggins

Location:New Fantasyland-Hobbitland

  • Pippin and Merry

Location:New Fantasyland Near Ouran Host Club Café

Openings During The Event

  • Kingsman The Secret Service Inspired Clothes Shop
  • Guardians of The Galaxy Inspired Arcade and Laser Tag
  • The Lord of The Rings The Musical(Not Sure it will be Reopening During Event)
  • 50 Shades of Grey Inspired Restraint at Anime Dreams Hotel

Background Information

  • Write background info of your show here!

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