Flight of the Hippogriff is a junior steel coaster at Hogsmeade in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Canada and other Universal parks.

Ride Summary


The roller coaster's backstory is that Hagrid is teaching young wizards how to fly a Hippogriff by using fake replicas of the creature. The queue line weaves through Hogwarts Grounds, past Hagrid's Hut and the Forest, and leads into an open canopy where Care of Magical Creatures Class is taught, and riders board the vehicle.


The roller coaster takes passengers on a test flight of the Hippogriff over the Forbidden Forest and Hagrid's Hut. Riders are instructed to bow to the Hippogriff before the ride progresses up the lift hill. The cars then travel over a track, to the top of the lift, where riders have a full aerial view of The Wizarding World, and then dropped through various dips and turns around Hogwarts Grounds before being deposited at the start of the track, where Hagrid thanks riders, who then disembark.


The entire ride's backstory is told through voice recording played during the queue. The hippogriff is an aniamtronic. Hagrid never shows up but his voice is heard many times.


  • Saftey Restraint: Lap Bar
  • Universal Red Carpet Access available.
  • This is similar to the same ride at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando.

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