Fantasia Kingdom is a theme park that is located in Elmira, New York. The park is owned by BigSpinCoaster. The park first opened in 1980.




Name Year Opened Description
Phoenix 1985 An Arrow Dynamics suspended swinging coaster
Widerbeast 1980 A PTC wooden coaster.
Beastie Jr. 1980 A PTC wooden junoir coaster.
The Fury 1980 An Arrow Dynamics "Corkscrew" coaster model.
Monty's Pit 2004 An E&F Miller "Python Pit" kiddie coaster that was bought from a closed down Jeepers! fun center.
Tony Hawk's Big Spin 2011 A Gerstlauer spinning coaster.
Twister 1980 A Mack Calypso ride.



  • TBA

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