Ever After High is a themed land based on Mattel's Ever After High line of toys and animation. It is located at various Universal Studios theme parks and primarily aimed to young female guests and families alike, which consists of kids/family rides, attractions, entertainment, and activities.


Attractions Type Notes/Summeries Other names Height restriction
Apple White's Power Coaster Roller Coaster TBA NA 40 in
Madeline Hatter's Spinning Teacups Spinning Teacups TBA NA None
Briar Beauty's Sleeping Carousel Carousel ride A carousel ride. NA None
Raven Queen's Dark Coaster Dark ride TBA NA 36 in
Fairy Tales Story Twist Wild Mouse rollercoaster TBA NA 41 in
Ashlynn Ella's Castle interactive indoor playground TBA NA None
Ever After High Pep Ralley musical and dance show TBA EAH Pep Ralley None

Park location

Real parks

Fanon parks

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