Elsa's Frozen Adventure is an attraction in Fantasy World. It is a thrill ride about five minutes long. Based on the 2013 Film, "Frozen".


The exterior design of the ride is a castle. It is based on the architecture of Elsa's Ice Castle from the movie.


As you wait in line you hear music from Frozen. The line goes through out the castle and you view Norwegian items and props from the movie. Plus, you get behind the scenes looks at Frozen.


You enter a grand ice ballroom and a Cast Member tells everyone to stay together in the middle of the room. Four fountains surround you. Suddenly, the lights go off and you hear Elsa's voice welcoming you to her castle. Anna interrupts her throughout the monologue. Finally, the lights go up, the fountains turn on, but freeze, it starts to snow, and Anna and Elsa appear at the top of the staircase. They tell you that you are the official Arendelle Ice Deliverer, but you'll be going through a rough storm soon. You go to the loading area.


You load into sleds embelished with flowers and snowflakes. Olaf gives you a speech to send you off. You ride out onto the top of the castle and the mountains behind it on a Matterhorn type journey. You see ice crystals and other things. Suddenly, you stop as you are about to go down a drop into a cave. Kristoff's voice comes from behind you, "Hey! Need a hand? A little push will do the trick. Ugh!" The sled lurches forward. His voice fades, "Good luck!" You plunge into darkness but hear a modified version of Let It Go. As you journey farther in, the music fades and your sled slows down. You halt in front of a glowing blue waterfall. Marshmallow's (The Ice Monster's) silhouette appears behind the waterfall. His voice echoes, "Who dares disturb me? I need rest! Go and don't come back!" He roars and sends you spinning backwards into a big storm. Elsa's voice gives you a warning. You drop into another cave. This time it's full of giant icicle. They pop out as you go faster and faster. As you zoom out of the cave, you start going up a mountain. "This is what happens when you disturb me!" you hear Marshmallow say. As you reach the top, you look over a huge gap. Suddenly, you plunge down the cliff! "Avalanche!" Olaf yells. You land in a cave and hear music from Frozen. On one side, you see audio animatronics of Anna and Elsa congratulating you for your work. You go back to the loading area.

Gift Shop

At the end of the ride, a gift shop titled Wandering Oaken's Trading Post is there. It is filled with winter, Frozen, and Disney items.

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