The Elegant Nicest Lagoon is a Water-based dark ride in Fantasyland at Disneyland Resort in California and Walt Disney World in Florida.

Ride Summary

Ride Line

This ride line has 44 small boats and 4 seats so there's not enough people to ride on and they must wait for the next ride at all times. It also had a canal.


As they enter the world of Elegant Nicest Lagoon, They can see all the villagers singing the theme song about their favorite things and welcomes them to a happiest place in the world of Elegant Nicest Lagoon. Then they can see an evil wizard named Dark Slim, who made his evil plan to take over the village! Then they can see a dark forest filled with bats, an owl and a lake monster that can eat them and as they enter a portal from it's mouth. As they went through the portal, they can see the village is on fire! And the villagers were screaming and running. Then they can see Dark Slim stir his cauldron and make his way to the village. As he arrived to kill the villagers until then he got struck by lightning and died. Then they can see the village being repaired and they can see the villagers singing the ending theme song and telling them thank you for visiting the world of Elegant Nicest Lagoon and will hope you will come back soon.


This ride has animatronic dolls of the villagers and an animatronic evil wizard of Dark Slim and bat sound effects on the ride and an animatronic owl. etc...

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