- Mickey and Minnie on a magical float as hkdl paint the night's last float.

- Casey Junior Train and Pink Elephants on parade floats. ( speciality will be the pink elephants)

- Tangled and at last I see the light ( speciality will be the lanterns and Rapunzel's glowing hair)

- Frozen on a frozen mountain ( speciality will be the snow and the let it go part with elsa showing her powers)

- Pocahontas in the forest( speciality will be the leafs from the colors of the wind song)

- Aladdin and Jasmine flying over Agrabah with Genie( speciality will be Genie and his magic)

- Neverland and Captain Hook's ship( speciality will be the second star to the right, cannons and tinkerbell's powers)

- Snow white and the seven dwarfs mine( speciality will be the diamonds)

- Alice in Wonderland similar to Tokyo's scene but longer and with a giant queen of hearts( happiness is here but then angry) ( speciality will be the cheshire cat, mad tea party smoke and the caterpillar)

-Lion King on mountain( speciality will be the rising sun with the circle of life part)

- Villains' mountain big float with Doctor facilier, the evil queen, Maleficent, Judge claude frollo, Cruella de vil, Jafar, Scar( animatronic puppet), Ursula( animatronic puppet), Gaston, Governor ratcliff, Hades ( Animatronic), Yzma, Mother Gothel, Big bad wolf, shere khan ( animatronic puppet) and Shan yu ( speciality will be when chernabog breaks out of the top of the mountain)

- Princess and the frog in the bayou( speciality will be the fireflies)

- Toy story float with moving parts and the big slinky dog and giant zurg behind it

- Beauty and the beast as very similar as in hkdl but there will be a giant rose and there will be a small float for be our guest( speciality will be the enchanted rose and Belle's dress)

- Brave ( speciality will be the willow the wisps)

- Winnie the pooh( speciality will be the bees and heffalumps and woozles)

- Cars with Mac and moving cars similar to paint the night ( speciality the lights from the cars)

- Big Hero 6 ( speciality will be the powers of the heroes and the attack against Yokai)

- Little Mermaid under the sea party ( speciality will be bubbles and the water)

- end float with elliot and peter waving goodbye ( disappearing and appearing)

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