Dragons of Berk is a simulator dark ride at Universal Animation Studios in Universal Studios Canada.

Ride Summary


Riders walk through berk.


Riders board a 4-seater bench under the wings of a dragon and take off. They fly on their dragons through berk.


Each bench has an animatronic dragon attatched to the top of it. Since the dragon is supposedly flying riders through Berk, it flaps it's wings during the ride. The bench/dragon is mounted onto a a mechanical arm that moves along an undeground track and tilts and shakes the vehicles. Similar to Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the mechanical arm brings the vehicles through sets and past projection screens to make riders feel like they are in Berk.


  • Saftey Restraint: Harness, Handlebar
  • Time: 4 minutes
  • This ride is like Harry Potter but with 2D screens.
  • Universal Red Carpet Access and Single Rider available.
  • The ride takes place sometime before How to Train your Dragon 2, which explains why Valkia isn't in the ride, and why Stoick is still alive.

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