Down The Rabbit Hole is a Splash Mountain type ride at Fantasy World in Escondido, California.


You wait in caves like at Splash Mountain


You board on cars that look like rabbits. You go around outside for a while and see things including:

  • The White Rabbit's House
  • Alice's Cottage
  • Queen Of Hearts Castle
  • Mad Tea Party
  • ...and more!

You go into a forest where animatronics of Wonderland characters sing the opening song from Alice In Wonderland. You see Alice in a field of flowers, where she is singing In A World Of My Own. You turn to find the White Rabbit running in a field of grass. Suddenly, you go down a drop into a hall of doors where you find the Little Door who says, "The rabbit went that way," and opens. You see Wonderland characters along the wall sinning Cacus Race. You go up to drop out of the rabbit hole and get your picture taken. You go through a cave where everyone sings Zip-a-dee Doo Dah. You finally go back to the loading area.

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